Artist Residency at Monte Azul Contemporary Art

The Artist Residency at Monte Azul Contemporary Art, Maca Arte Contemporaneo,
January 12-26, 2017, was very special.

It has given me an opportunity to reflect, explore, and most of all, contemplate my work. It has allowed me to refocus and “command my space.”

It was a pleasure and privilege to work with Master Printmaker Luis Astuy Lossada. His guidance and friendship has had a profound effect on my artistic outlook.

Many thanks to Carlos Rojas Jara, Randy Langendorfer and Melissa Matamoros of MACA. You have created a special program in a magical place. I wish every artist could experience it.

Most of all, I want to thank Michael Martin (MMGF) for this generous opportunity. I am grateful. You truly are the artists’ champion.

(Artwork images to follow shortly…)