Bailey Russel

Bailey Russel


The Unique View: Camera Obscura Photographs, 2010


Working in the tradition of Vera Lutter and Abelardo Morell, Bailey Russel creates captivating photographs using various custom-made camera obscuras. These cameras range in size from a small box designed for 8”x10” sheet film holders, to hotel rooms that overlook a city scape. The final images offer us unique, contemporary perspectives of archetypal images.


Bailey began studying photography as an undergraduate at Princeton before continuing for a Masters at NYU. After spending six years working and showing in New York City he recently relocated to Seattle has begun exploring the possibilities of the Pacific Northwest. In New York, Bailey’s work has been featured in shows at the International Center for Photography, Gallery Satori, Sarah Bowen Gallery, and the Rosenberg Gallery among other places and his most recent solo show was at Gallery Cortona in Clinton, Iowa.