Barbara Horiuchi

Barbara Horiuchi


Sumi Ink Paintings, 2009


Barbara Horiuchi is a California-born third generation Japanese-American, a Sansei. In her current art she explores the repercussions of trauma born from issues of injustice. This examination wells from personal familial experiences; immigration, the historic internment experience of Japanese-Americans during WWII, marginalization, loss, and attempts at recovery. The information processed from these experiences was passed to her by a culturally-influenced, verbal and visual language which often was not articulated directly but indirectly expressed. This information informs her work and shapes the manner in which it is conceived, constructed and created.


Barbara Horiuchi received her MFA in painting from San Jose State University in December 2009. She received her BA in Creative Arts from SJSU in 2001. She comes from an artistic family who created various types of art from woodcarving, calligraphy, watercolor painting, ikebana and sculpture. She has participated in group exhibitions in her hometown of San Jose, California as well as at the de Young Museum and Kearny Street Workshop in San Francisco.